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  • After a weekend round of closeout MacBook Air price cuts, Best Buy is starting the week with fresh discounts on the latest M3 models.

    Open MacBook Air laptop on a table showcasing its screen and keyboard with a colorful abstract wallpaper, labeled as 'Deal of the Week' in a badge.
    Triple-digit savings are in effect on Apple's newly released M3 MacBook Air at Best Buy this Monday, with prices dropping to as low as $999. Best of all, you don't need a Plus or Total membership to qualify.

    Grab the deals

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  • Investment bank Morgan Stanley says there are signs of increased iPhone, Mac, and Services revenue for Apple, but it has cut its target price by $10.

    Aerial view of a large circular building surrounded by greenery and adjacent buildings in an urban landscape.
    Apple Park

    One week after claiming that Apple has increased its June quarter iPhone orders, Morgan Stanley now says that there are also rises in demand for other devices. Specifically, in a note to investors seen by AppleInsider, its analysts say that Mac shipments have grown year over year, which contributes to a rising March quarter revenue.

    The analysts further say that the supply chain is reporting around a 5% increase for the iPad above forecasts, or 11 million units instead of 10.5 million. Morgan Stanley has hiked its forecast for Services by 1%, based on what it believes to be stronger than expected App Store performance.

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  • On this episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, we check out a pair of new purifiers, go hands on with the Mophie Qi2 dock, and break down more new product launches.

    HomeKit Insider
    HomeKit Insider Podcast

    Nanoleaf's new string lights are available, though the name can be misleading. These dangling pendant lights are more similar to your typical filament bulbs found on outdoor patios.

    They are Matter-enabled, support RGBIC, and over 16 million colors. They come in three lengths from 15m to 45m and extensions can also be purchased.

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  • Apple has quietly acquired another AI firm involved in reducing the size of Large Language Modules for the iPhone, this time Paris-based Datakaleb.

    Monitor displaying three men in suits, one speaking, others listening, with face masks, in an office-like setting with annotations.
    Before moving to AI compression, Datakaleb worked extensively in AI-based image analysis

    Following news that Apple secretly bought the Canadian AI firm DarwinAI at the start of 2024, it has now been revealed that shortly before then, it acquired a Parisian company. French publication Challenges says it bought Datakaleb in December 2023.

    Just as DarwinAI works on making deep neural networks smaller and more efficient, so Datakaleb is now focused on the compression of algorithms. The smaller a process algorithm can be, the less energy it uses — and Apple has repeatedly been shown to be working on Large Language Modules (LLM) that are made small enough to run entirely on device.

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  • Silicone straps, plastic leather, and Apple's introduction of FineWoven accessories aimed at reducing its carbon footprint have left those looking for a solid luxury Apple Watch band without many options — until now.

    Silver metal Apple Watch band next to Buckle and Band box.
    Buckle and Band's Apple Watch bands are made to last.

    Buckle and Band meets that demand with a vast catalog of designer watch bands made from quality materials, such as stainless steel and genuine leather. These Apple Watch bands don't cut corners and are ideal for those looking for a sophisticated solution that will last years.

    Shop Buckle and Band and discover how to transform your Apple Watch into a fancy piece of jewelry meant to be worn daily. From sleek to soft (and surprisingly durable), Buckle and Band turns your tech into everyday wear that you can match with any event.

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  • Decades ago, Apple started down a path that has revolutionized both its own products and the entire technology industry. Here's where Apple Silicon began, and where it's going.

    Apple's M-series chips rejuvenated the Mac range
    Apple's M-series chips rejuvenated the Mac range

    From the very beginning of Apple Computer, the company has relied on core parts made by other firms. The Apple I had a MOS Technology 6502 chip at its heart, though co-founder Steve Wozniak designed most of the other original hardware, including the circuit boards.

    Apple continued to invent and patent many technologies as it grew, but it was always reliant on other companies to provide the primary chip powering the machines, the CPU. For many years, Apple's chip supplier was Motorola, and later Intel.

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  • Before the expected 12.9-inch iPad Air has even been confirmed, ESR has launched a range of case models for it.

    Tablet with video editing software open on a stand with a blurred background of a room.
    A 12.9-inch iPad Air on an ESR magnetic case

    ESR already makes a range of Qi2 charging devices for the iPhone, and its lower-cost alternative to the Apple Pencil has been praised. Now it's released a case for a product that officially doesn't exist yet, and it's a gamble for both ESR and for customers.

    It is as close to certain as it possibly can be that Apple will shortly release a 12.9-inch iPad Air. It's also close to certain that Apple will have already released information about it to at least some accessory makers — and ESR is a long-standing third-party manufacturer.

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  • As of late, the rumor mill has been quiet on the topic of all of the mechanical buttons on the iPhone 16 family being replaced by capacitive ones, but a new report claims a supplier has been picked to do just that.

    A render of four iPhones based on leaked iPhone 16 Pro designs. They are colored black, white, purple, and blue.
    iPhone 16 Pro may have larger screens

    Capacitive buttons were said to replace all of the mechanical ones in the iPhone 15 series, but that obviously didn't pan out. However, if a new report on Monday morning can be believed, Apple has picked a long-time partner in its supply chain to fulfill the orders

    The report from Economic Daily on Monday claims that Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) has been awarded a massive order for the component. Again, the technology is rumored to finally replace all of the buttons in the iPhone 16 family across the board.

    Rumor Score: 🤔 Possible

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  • NBA superstar LeBron James was spotted at Saturday's playoff game in Denver sporting what appears to be a unreleased Pill speaker from Apple's Beats subsidiary.

    LeBron James carries unreleased Beats Pill speaker
    James was seen carrying a new version of the Pill speaker which features a lanyard. At present, the company doesn't have a single speaker featured on its website, having discontinued the last of its Pill models in early 2022.

    The Pill line of Bluetooth speakers was first introduced in 2012. The Pill+ released in in 2015.

    Rumor Score: 🤯 Likely

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  • Apple appears to be planning to skip an M3 revision to the Mac mini in favor of a more significant update featuring the M4 chip.

    M2 Mac mini to skip M3 generation entirely, update to M4 later this year
    Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has previously reported that Apple would update the Mac mini line with M4 and M4 Pro chips towards the end of 2024 or early 2025. In a report on Sunday, he's amplified that, and said that there probably won't be a M3 Mac mini at all.

    The Mac mini was last updated in January of 2023 with the M2 and M2 Pro.

    That Mac mini M2 Pro update also came with more Thunderbolt 4 ports, Wi-Fi 6E, HDMI 2.1 for the M2 Pro model, and updates to Bluetooth. It isn't clear if the next Mac mini will sport any further hardware changes, beyond the M4.

    Rumor Score: 🤯 Likely

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